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I would like to have started this blog with a more unique heading but who am I kidding; I’m not THAT creative!  The purpose of this blog is to not only hold myself accountable to get back into shape and follow my journey on this vegetarian/vegan lifestyle but to also share with the world what its like to be a mom of four boys all the while living cross -country away from everyone and everything we know.  Most people choose to change one thing over time..me on the other hand; I figure why the hell change one thing when I can change my whole entire universe all within one month! My family thinks I’m straight up crazy just deciding one day to pick up and move our family of 6 over twenty-plus hours away from home.  Just wait until they find out I now (only two weeks into the move) have made a joint decision with my husband to never eat meat or dairy. So technically, maybe I have lost my mind. Don’t mistake me though as I have always had every intention of being that typical “stay at home suburban mom” who runs the head of PTO and makes organic food fresh for her family. Somehow, I have turned out to be considered the opposite.

Take moving into my new neighborhood for example: I thought I played your normal new neighborhood mom pretty well until the neighbor kid informed me (in front of his mother might I add) that his mother had assumed I was military simply because I have so many tattoos. She looked deathly embarrassed and guilty at this comment but maybe this was just fear in her eyes of the odd new woman claiming to be a mother who moved in doors down from her own well-kept family… I thought we lived in the twentieth century but apparently my body full of tattoos, nose ring, and ever-changing hair and clothes styles make me the rebel of the neighborhood. Maybe I am scary?! Or maybe I am just wild. A nice wild though. Not the type to go crazy and search for illegal activities to partake in but more wild in the way of a mother who drinks a few too many margaritas on occasion and embarrasses her husband.  Don’t let that fool you either….Josh (the hubby) likes my crazy tendencies. Take our wedding picture for example. Even 9 years later he is always looking at me this way like he married an ax murderer or something (I assure you I am not)..2248_1091453642826_991_n

He is not your normal man either. He plays his manager role well at work but when he’s with me, my crazy sometimes fades off and he has been seen going thru phases of insanity. (Like the time on vacation he felt the need to start the new “planking” craze that never seemed to bloom further than well…crazy husbands who feel powerful planking on every object in sight.)288703_2224673252608_1451183_o       Then take my children; my beautiful little creatures God has blessed me with. They have been known to get stuck under tables, throw fits at every photo shoot and be just plain crazy. But as stated; this is us. Like us or hate us we will be together regardless. I love my boys (big one included) because they make me who I am.

This family MAKES ME A SUBURBAN MOM GONE WILD. I hope you will continue to share this journey with me as I can promise it won’t always be pretty…but it will always be entertaining! 10599372_10204217586456120_4746399971072846722_n

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Words of Wisdom

*Even if it LOOKS like chocolate on your hand; never lick it off if you have four boys.

*Always expect at least one child to poop, cry, scream, or vomit when you plan a family outing.

*Make sure if you are becoming a vegetarian/vegan to NOT tell your family or you my be talked out of the idea before it starts…or bribed with meat that looks like it fell from Heaven…

*Love your family deeply as they are our only legacy left in life..cropped-img_20160716_223156.jpg

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No worries…I’m alive!

Hello people…all 5 of you who I just KNOW are on edge every day these past 2 months waiting for another post from suburban mom gone wild. Well…here it is…and I promise to keep blogging at a more current level and not so periodically. But lets be clear, my promise can be broken any time if needed so really.. that doesn’t mean anything.😂

What has been new in life? Well I am still embarking on this health journey along with a quest to find my true purpose in life. But lets talk about my vegetarian/vegan movement for a minute. I know, I know, hardcore vegans say no you can’t pick and choose when to eat meat because its a lifestyle but guess what…I never do what people expect. 😉 So I am currently eating all whole foods..with an occasional fish or meat. I cut out gluten and dairy and soy and processed foods because I have an intolerance so now my options are to pretty much eat grass. Yes…be jealous…I can eat grass. Maybe some icecubes if they are labeled right…

about-to-eat-my-vegan-gluten-free-soy-free-raw-non-gmo-organic-fat-free-low-carb-dinner-ice-cubes(Courtesy of starecat.com)

However…my kids are starting to follow my actions and eat healthier so its all worth it to me.20170706_200344(0).jpg

Ok…ok…most of the time 😂20170701_155041

Now lets move on to my training. I have 2 trainers. One that strictly comes to my house to bust my ass for an hour 3 times a week. So technically I pay her to despise her and dread every time I have to see her. Truly shes awesome but thinking about our times together I picture her more like this..IMG_20170719_115705(Courtesy of Public domain tv)

My other trainer is a few hours away and more like my mental sanity. She could be called a nutritional coach, mental and emotional eating coach, holistic, life coach…but I just call her my saving grace. To be honest she has become one of my bestfriends in life. She is real. She lets me talk a straight hour about myself every week and email her stupid pictures or comments like “is poop supposed to look like this?!”

Josh loves to tease me about paying people to be my friends but I would pay for Megan a hundred times again because she’s that kind of person. If you need help in any aspect of life…working out, emotional eating, hormone or migraine issues, or just life in general I highly recommend this girl! I will put her website link under her picture. **side note…isn’t she the cutest?!! 😁FB_IMG_1500480613396(Courtesy of Horizon Holistic Health)


Besides focusing on health not much else has went on. Except driving cross country with 4 kids and a dog on my lap to visit family, or starting an online course about self discovery, oh and more tattoos…so thats cool. Im finally starting to fit the role of my license plate…

IMG_20170624_101535Best part is when dudes fly up on the car all excited just to find Josh alone driving it…no tatmom around 😂😂😂😂

So for now blog land…I will leave you with some wisdom until I blog again later this week:

Never take a 2 year old out in public during nap time. Or grocery shopping. Or leave him alone for 5 seconds. Never. Never. Never.20170608_165730



But did you die?!

So sorry I haven’t blogged in so long. It’s been a whirlwind with my baby turning two…starting bootcamp..having company…and life in general. To start..Ryder had a wonderful birthday and our house now looks like Paw Patrol threw up all over it.20170514_144724.jpg

Next…lets get to bootcamp. I joined Fit4moms which is a franchise focused on mothers. I cannot speak enough good word about them! They do have programs such as stroller strides that you can exercise with your kids in tow; but I am currently in an 8 week bootcamp just for moms. We meet twice a week in a park and we sweat out our insides for an hour straight.

I should probably mention how out of shape I am. When they asked me to run a mile I told them I had not ran in 4 years. When they asked how far I used to run I stated, “usually just to the mailbox.” So day 1 after attempting to run I drug myself to the finish line looking a little like this… (minus the smile of course)IMG_20170517_131640(courtesy of Sophie Gamand)

However I had to remind myself…”But did you die?” I was close, dont be fooled…but no; I did not die.

Which brings me to my next venture. I went to get more work done on my sleeve. I always assumed the more tattoos I had the less it would hurt. I am a champ and probably have 20+ hours of tattoos on my body but I tell ya each time hurts more. It was about 4 hours this time and by hour three I had my music playing so loud in my earbuds I could feel my eardrum rattling and I was praying for the artist to have severe stomach issues  and have to take a very long bathroom break. Didn’t happen BUT he did spray some stuff on my arm during hour 3 and it was like Heaven! The pain stopped, finishing was managable and I actually spoke a few words after 3 hours straight of grinding my teeth down to nubs. (Ok…maybe I’m exaggerating a little 😂).

Word of advice…ask for this numbing spray if you ever get a tattoo but its short lived so only towards the end of your session. And if they tell you no, I’m sorry its so good its probably illegal or something and you just cant have it. Too bad for you. But in conclusion..you need to walk yourself out of that tattoo studio and ask yourself; “But did you die?” If you can answer then I’m happy to tell you that you didn’t…good for you!

(Finished product thanks to Rob B. at Red 5 Tattoo here in VA.)IMG_20170507_180252

Fitness and inspiration

We all have a handful of people who inspire us in our lives. People who rattle us to the bone and make us change our lives. Sometimes their presence in our life is so incredibly profound we end up moving cross country (yes this happened).

Ashley Horner is a fitness model, trainer, and spokesperson I started following and corresponding with 4 years ago after my darkest moments of being sick and unhealthy. I have struggled thru the years but she always seems to pop back into my life to inspire me enough to get up and keep going. I am privileged to have been an Ashley Horner ambassador where I wrote articles for her blog along with some other amazing ladies. I wrote one today however, that is one of my favorites. It incorporates my love for poetry along with my passion for health and motivation to get back to where I physically once was. You will notice some bold words which are actually the names of some of Ashleys trainers. Please check her website out if you ever get a moment! (www.ashleyhorner.co)

( Picture credit also courtesy of ashleyhorner.co )


Until then…focus on your dreams and fight hard in everything you do!


(Side note…sorry the blog has been sparse lately…I had a minor procedure done for my hormone imbalance issues and have been recuperating but feeling better than ever!)


Serious (sort of) Post

This may be a little off topic but we all need supporters in our lives. Whether it is a spouse, friend, or even someone you meet online; you have to surround yourself with people who trust and believe in you.  There will be days you won’t believe in yourself and those are the days these people are essential.

The past 2 years I have struggled with anxiety, depression, and migraines. This then led to a 40 pound weight gain coming from someone who once had a dream of being in a female body competition. But that was before I got sick and I looked like this:

Now currently I look like this:


(Courtesy of omgcutethings.com)

Okay okay I don’t look quite like that but you get the picture. However I refuse to give up. I refuse to sink. I love who I am and I love the process of getting back to who I am going to be.  Going whole foods/ plant based/ vegetarian or whatever the heck I am doing now has helped. I have become more aware of the earth and animals and even just the beauty in life. I am learning to eat to live and not just live to eat.

If you feel alone you should look around for your supporters…they may look like this20161231_163153.jpg

Or maybe like this..  20170228_195156.jpg

But in the end it doesn’t really matter what our supporters look like now does it?! Just as long as they love us just the way we are and help us to achieve our dreams. Find someone who believes in you and you can trust whole-heartedly and you will live a happy life!

Don’t eat my food!

So this may be a short blog today as my children have officially started spring break and I have to hide to type this. You may think I’m kidding, but I am literally crouched next to my bed sitting on the step of my elliptical typing this on my phone in hopes of at least 2 minutes before the boys find out I am missing and run up here to tackle me…

Anyways…I went on a food frenzy yesterday and made some vegetarian and vegan foods  (remember I am an “in- between foodie” …call me a veggie-veg or a plant eater or just call me nuts…whatever you want to label me is swell!! ) Funny enough, I made my first ever soup and my kids actually asked for more! (****Words of wisdom for you fellow parents trying to get your kids to eat healthy; just make something good and tell them “This is mine..you won’t like it…dont eat my food” and I promise you they will think it must be great and think they are pulling one over on you and they will eat the crap out of that food…no joke!***) I have to add that I have never had many types of beans so I thought what the heck…throw them all in…so that is what I did.20170406_155018.jpg

It turned out looking disgusting but it tasted great! (I added some celery, carrots, vegetable broth, spices, tomato, green beans, parsley and cilantro in there as well so it wasn’t quite a bean-fest).20170406_163347.jpg

Then I made some quinoa with brown rice and broccoli and threw some cheese on there for the boys along with a big salad, fruit bowl, and then I added some other fun things for the kiddos like rainbow carrots. Turned out to be great as kids are easily tricked and can be distracted into eating just about anything if it is colored….try it! 20170406_153958.jpg

I could tell you more about my delicious meal that even a four-year-old could have made (Hey now, I never told you all I could cook…ask my husband and he will tell you a story about me burning macaroni in the microwave after forgetting to add water once ….I shall plead the fifth if ever asked) but I have been found.


Kids are screaming and the animals have claimed my arm after I tried to sneak onto my bed for a relaxing moment of blogging. Now I am left with a dead arm and a bed full of animal hair. Oh, and 3 boys on my back as I type this…and to wonder why a suburban mom could ever go wild is beyond me! 😂


So I have to tell you, I was not prepared for the knock on my door today.  I opened the door looking like a homeless lady who lost her direction and somehow found her way into this beautiful house in Virginia Beach.  Unfortunately, I just look that bad as I didn’t feel too well and decided to rock my “crazy hair, no makeup, sweats with Josh’s shirt” kind of style. This is beside the point however…lets get to what REALLY MATTERS…

The kind gentleman informed me that he was here to do his normal spray and inspection of the home for pests.  (Being that we decided to rent and not own right away and have only rented this house a few weeks, I had no idea they had a regular pest man coming my way today or I would have at least brushed my hair….haha just kidding…I probably would have looked the same..)  Anyways, he went on his happy way and sprayed the perimeter before doing his dandy inspection in the crawl space.

After what seemed like a great deal of time, the man came back to my door to inform me that due to the vents not being sealed appropriately around my house, there was evidence of rodents down there.  I stared at him blankly but he kept going with this long spiel about the things I can do to prevent them…something involving chicken wire and shutting up holes but I had stopped listening by this point as we all know it’s not something I myself will do; if not our landlord then I will most likely volunteer my husband for such a fun activity.  After a while I stopped this man and asked him; “What type of rodents are we talking about?” which he then informed me with a polite smile; “roof rats…there is a lot of activity down there from them but I could not catch one like I have before down there”. Uhhhhh….what?!!!

First of all, why are ROOF rats UNDER my house and not on the roof? Secondly, I am a Kansan; I have no clue what a roof rat is! So after the pest man drove away, I quickly googled this term to come up with below picture.

pic2fly(courtesy of pic2fly.com)

These little beings are said to carry all kinds of scary diseases and are 16 inches long if you count their gross little tails.  Not exactly what makes you fall to sleep easily now huh?!! I was hoping for more of an animal along the terms of this:


(courtesy of flickr.com)

but apparently a little squirrel looking fella with some alcohol is not in my cards for creatures I must share my home with. Too bad because I think I may have crawled under my house to hang out with the colony of rats if they looked like the above picture and threw back a few drinks on days the kids were driving me wild.  (Hey now, one can dream…)

I guess the moral of this post is….well…there really isn’t one…I just wanted you all to know how creeped out I am now every time I hear noises and think about the little creatures eating away under the floor trying to get to me.  The bright side of this is…..if they ever DO make it into the house…with my four boys…they won’t last an hour!!!! ;D

What am I?

We are so new to this lifestyle that I often get confused on what to even call us. We don’t eat meat, dairy, or eggs like a vegan but then I still have a leather belt or certain makeup etc.  I may wear which would lean more towards a vegetarian. I think I will just call us plant eaters.

You wouldn’t think it would really matter what our label is but for example; this weekend we have been invited to dinner to eat with some new friends. How do I tell them we won’t eat their food if it has meat, cheese, milk, or anything else full of GMO’s?! And isn’t this a bad friend code right off the bat? 😂

*On a side note its amazing how well I feel eating such pure food. If you live in Virginia Beach I must recommend you visit  a place called Fruitive. I have been drinking their amazing cold pressed juices and Josh loves their food. The boys even enjoy their smoothies. But word of caution…if your gonna do the juice cleanse PLEASE for everyone’s safety stay home near a bathroom! 🤤IMG_20170329_085247

(FRUITIVE’S one day juice cleanse )

* One more note…if you have ever wondered about the plant based lifestyle or just enjoy movies you should watch *Forks over Knives, *Food Matters, and *Cowspiricacy. These are all on Netflix and my older boys watched and have now been more involved in eating healthier as well!

( I am sure the dinner with our new friends will have a complete post dedicated to it as my children feel the need to act like deranged hyena’ s anytime we meet with friends so stay tuned..)


(credit of crazyhyena.com)

“Life” by Jill Leatherbury

Life is short but love is long

We often want to change while playing the same old song

Instead of hiding behind what’s safe and known to us

We all should let go and do what we must

To live a life full of change and adventure to grow

Because to not change will rob us of a life we will never know

The past is gone; the future is near

We should never have regrets or live with fear

The time is now we must take the leap of faith and run

For we have no idea when our time will be done.

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